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The company holds the fourth quarter of 2020 office meeting

Issuing time:2021-01-05 20:59

At 2:30 pm on January 4, the meeting ofall the members of the middle-level and above cadres, Investment EnterprisesSichuan Machinery Tools Imp. & Exp.Corp., Ltd., Sichuan Nitoyo Auto Spare parts Ltd., Sichuan Mighty MachineryCorp., Ltd., Sichuan Best-line Machinery Corp., Ltd., Sichuan EOK Auto IndustryCorp., Ltd., Sichuan Tools Corp., Ltd. Sichuan Larix Machinery Corp., Ltd.heldin the meeting room on the eighth floor. The meeting summarized the work of thefourth quarter of 2020, and made arrangements for the deployment of the 2021.In 2020, all departments and investment enterprises in this department haveachieved growth, achieved better results and achieved new breakthroughs. Onbehalf of the company, Chairman Liu extended his congratulations to thecompany. He hoped that everyone would continue to have firm confidence and holdfirm beliefs, actively change their thinking and understanding, adjust theirbusiness thinking, change their development model, seek new ways to breakthrough and overcome all difficulties in the future, tidy up and then set outto create a more brilliant company a new situation.

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